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We have an overseas production system in which we can rapidly cope with a wide range of items and designs.
We carefully listen to customer requests through a hearing and embody them into products in an optimal method.

1 Production control

We have an office and tie-up garment factories in China, where abundant materials and machines are prepared to manufacture various items and designs. Our system enables us to manufacture and distribute good quality products with a short lead time so that we can cope with small lot orders for special stores as well as large lot orders of cheap products for events.

2 Pattern making

Patterners who work for our Shanghai office will respond to a wide range of operations, including grading, correction, submission of data, and making samples. Our experienced staff will understand the message in the customer’s design and produce an ideal product closely cooperating with the local tie-up factories.

  • 3 Fabrics and accessories

    We carefully understand the image of products that customers want through a hearing and make proposals for the optimal fabric and accessories from abundant samples. Also, we will create original print or accessories. Please let us know of your specific ideas.

  • 4 License

    Over a long period in the license business, we have established the results of agreements with more than 30 brands, including characters, games, and musicians. In the industry where trends are constantly changing, we will effectively provide what customers want now.

Work flow

  • 1
    Consulting, inquiries
    Consulting, inquirie

    Please feel free to contact us.
    BRANCH・OUT SHANGHAI/Tel:021-6083-7488

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  • 2

    Our staff will contact you promptly. Our staff who will be responsible for your inquiries will carefully listen to your requests and image through a hearing.

  • 3

    We will propose an optimal plan, product image, and approximate cost.
    (Free of charge up to this process)

  • 4
    Making a sample/Confirmation

    If the plan and product design have been decided, we will select the fabric and parts, confirm the specification of the pattern and details, and make a sample.

  • 5
    Deciding budget
    Deciding budget

    We will provide you with a detailed quotation. We will carefully explain the potential costs and adjust the plan and the amount of the cost.

  • 6
    Full-scale production/Mass production

    Cutting and sewing will be conducted in the factories in China. We have the manufacturing and distribution system that enables the shipment of products of even a large lot order in 30 to 40 days after the placement of an order.

  • 7

    After checking the products at the factory and the inspection site, we will deliver the products to the place designated by the customer.

  • 8

    After you are satisfied with the delivered products, we will make an agreement and receive your payment. Thus, the entire process will be completed.

Information materials and inquiries from this page link.

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