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Privacy Policy

BRANCH·OUT Co., Ltd., (“our company”) is strongly aware of the importance of protecting customer privacy.
We have stipulated the privacy policy below and will make efforts to appropriately protect customers’
private information so that we can establish a permanent trust relationship with customers.

1.Acquisition of private information
Our company acquires private information through legal and appropriate methods and does not illegally collect such information.

2. Restriction of using purposes
Our company uses customers’ names, addresses, telephone numbers, or email addresses for the purposes stipulated in advance within the following scope.
– To answer inquiries from customers.

3. Implementation of safe management
We maintain accurate and up-to-date personal information and implement corrective measures to prevent illegal access to or the loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information.

4. Provision of personal information
Our company will not provide nor will we disclose personal information to any third parties unless the situation falls under any of the following .
– When agreement or approval of a customer is obtained in advance.
– When it is necessary for the protection of life, body, or the property of a customer and it is difficult to obtain consent from the customer.
– When personal information is provided to business partners. However, the information disclosed in this case shall be limited to that required for the operation.
– When it is required by laws or regulations.

5. Request for disclosure of personal information
If a customer requests that our company disclose (notification of purposes of use, disclosure, correction, addition, deletion of the contents, halt or deletion of use, halt of provision to any third parties) personal information, we will promptly respond to the customer’s request after confirming the customer’s identification.

6. Compliance with laws, regulations, and rules
Our company complies with laws, regulations, guidelines stipulated by the government, and other rules in terms of handling personal information.

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